AVID Tutoring

“How do you think the prince helped to rule Japan?” I asked them.

I do AVID tutoring on Monday, Wednesday’s and Fridays.  It is tutoring for college bound middle school and high school students who are in a school program because of low economic status.

“I don’t know,” Andrew said. “That’s why I asked the question.”

“Did you say chollo?” Lizbeth asked as she giggled.

Lizbeth has a tough smile.  A smile that doesn’t really let outsiders in, but right now she is unconciously letting me into her world.

“Wouldn’t that be funny,” she said to Acacia.  “If the prince’s name was chollo.  A big ol’ Mexican with guns and drugs.  Wouldn’t that be something?”

Acacia doesn’t say anything but she just laughs.

“Think about it,” she looks at me this time grinning with her controlled smile.  “A Japanese prince doing drivebys at night in the hood.”

I don’t say anything.  I just laugh at it all.


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