“Do we have to tithe?” asked Chad.

“Why do ask?” I looked at him. Eye-contact is always important.

“Because I was just wondering. Do I have to give to the church or can I give to other Christian organizations that are doing good in the world.”

“I really think it is the church’s job to do that good in the world, but sometimes the church doesn’t do the best job.”

“Yeah,” Chad said. “It just seems like they want to build bigger parking lots and bigger sanctuaries.”


2 thoughts on “Tithing

  1. sad…I’m sad that my kids are receiving a very of church that I don’t even agree with and I’m the youth pastor. Sad. Very Sad.

  2. I am dealing with this question. I’d like to trust my church, I think you should always be involved with a church you can trust, but I am afraid of where the money would go. There needs to be more voices keeping the church in America in check as to how they spend their money.

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