Room for Uncertainty

Wes, over at Living in the Kingdom, has some interesting things to say about the Eucharist:

“I’m in a place in my life where I am celebrating a great deal of uncertainty about the meaning of the sacrament of Eucharist. I shouldn’t really call it uncertainty, maybe it’s more of an undeveloped collection of certainties.”

I enjoy the fact that Wes is able to celebrate a certain amount of uncertainty, but I am also worried that the church in general is not able to celebrate uncertainty. Most churches want to provide students with easy answers, but as I wrote in my last post, I am not sure this is a good idea. I think there needs to be room for a certain amount of uncertainty for the students. But where is the balance between giving the students hard answers, and giving them the essential message of Christianity.

My theory is that we should push students to the brink. To the point where they have to go home for themselves and search for the answers. I want students to have to come up to the leaders after sunday school sessions and ask where they can get more information about all of these things. I want students who are willing to go the extra mile to search for answers, but most students, it seems to me, just want the answers. So where do we draw the line?


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