“I don’t get it,” Chad said. “Everyone thinks their religion is right, so how are we supposed to know which one is right?”

“Chad asks a good question,” I responded.

I am teaching a lesson and the kids are squirmy so I switched topics to get their brains turning.

“How do we know that Christianity is right?” I ask them.

Silence. I like silence sometimes when the wood is burning.

“We know because it was first,” Jacob finally interjects.

“First?” I ask. “The first what?”

“The first religion.”

“No. There were other religions before Christianity.”

“Jesus said he is the only way to heaven,” Cynthia said.

“But how do we know Jesus was right?” I ask back.

“These are really hard questions!” Jeff said angrily.

“But they are important questions,” I respond. “We are about out of time.”

Time was running short.

“But you haven’t told us the right answer yet,” Tessa responded.

“I know,” I say. “Be good sheep.”


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Interesting… I don’t know how I would have conducted such a conversation. It’s hard to find a balance between clarification and allowing tough questions to remain tough, without simplifying things too much.

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