Shane Claiborne

Over at Jesus Creed McKnight had this to say about the Cedarville Incident, and I think he is quite correct:

Colleges do not endorse everything anyone says when they invite someone to speak. I cannot comprehend why so many don’t get this: invitations of speakers to schools or even churches do not mean blanket endorsement. Invitation does not mean endorsement. In fact, if we think about this a bit it becomes clear: no one agrees with anyone completely. So, let’s spread the word that a school inviting someone does not mean the school will agree with everything that someone says. I know I didn’t think this: “Wow, Cedarville invited Shane; Cedarville might be considering becoming a social gospel school. Nor did I think they were suddenly transforming into a new monastic community.” I thought, “Good for Cedarville. Those students probably will like some of his ideas and not like others. They’ll all learn. He’ll challenge them to think about Christian involvement.” I’m sure that this is what I would say to an administrator who would do such a thing at our school.


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