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Shane Claiborne Not Allowed to Come to Baptist University

Scot McKnight has done well to warn us about Shane Claiborne has not been allowed to speak at Cedarville University in Ohio because of a few angry bloggers in the area.

Here is a bit from another article that has covered this piece:

“There was a tension between my desire to use this event to challenge students to take a closer look at a very important social issue, and the need to protect Cedarville’s reputation as a conservative, Christ-centered university,” said Ruby. “There can’t be any confusion about our commitment to God’s Word and our historically conservative doctrinal position.

“Nearly all of the opposition to Claiborne’s visit came from off campus,” he said. “The reaction from both faculty and students has been along the lines of, ‘We are a university … We need to be having these kinds of conversations on campus if we are going to adequately equip the next generation of Christian leaders.’ “

I am so angry about this.  Universities should be the very places where people like Shane are born. But, because of people like Ingrid Schluete argue that “penal-substitionary atonement” should be the center of the Christian faith (an argument that did not really surface until Anselm in the 14th century).  Hopefully I will have a more reasonsed talk with others about this later, but as for now I just want the world to know how angry I am about this.


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