culture · family

There is chattering in the library.

“Have you ever thought that everything you have ever known is wrong?” I asked Wes outside the coffee shop on east Campu.s

“I need to go buy an ice-cream,” Wes answered avoiding the question.

He went inside and bought the ice cream and ate the bar in about 33 seconds.  It is probably a world record and we’d never even know.

“Well, I’m going this way,” Jessie said pointing towards the music building.

“I’m going back to the apartment,” Ryan said.

“I have to go back to check my mail and go out for ice cream with some friends,” I added.

“Should I just go in the direction no one else is going?” Wes asked.

We all laughed, but I am remembering how soon we really will all have to part ways soon.  It is bittersweet.

I will never forget all the chatter we heard while we were at university together.


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