Election Season

Our system of delegates is an old system that provides little room for change.  In fact, the status quo is almost always what is maintained at a governmental level.  Drastic changes need to take place in the election process to fix our arcane voting process.  First, the whole idea of a “campaign” is artifical.  Presidential candidates should each create a “platform” of core issues that are important to them, put them in a packet, and the packets should be sent electronically to all Americans (through e-mail) and made available at major governmental centers for approximately a month before a primary.  During this month there should be one televised debate where all potential candidates are asked the same amount of questions.  The questions should be made up entirely from working class people who have questions on their platform.  There should be a primary where all people vote according to their party and the person with the most votes become the nominee of their particular party.  No money would be spent on commericals.  The people would elect their party nominee directly.  Then the parties would each have a week to put forth a platform and these platforms would be brought before the American people.  The public would have two weeks to review the platforms and there would be one debate between the parties.  The people would then vote.  The person with the most votes wins.  Plain and simple.  If I could change the system, no one at all would be allowed to give money to a presidential candidate.  Any money given in secret would be rights for impeachment from office.  A president must be as free as possible to make decisions without external influences.    


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