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Famous Pastors – Part 2

I have read the first few chapters of Rob Bell’s second book “Sex God” and watched one of his latest nooma’s entitled “name.”  He is interesting, but there is one thing that I have found most interesting about his theology.

In the preface, he notes that “this is really about that.”  In other words, whatever problems we have about sex, life, culture, or people in general is really about something else–something deeper.  If we have trouble with intimacy, usually it is because of some experience in the past or some way that we perceive and view the world.  And I really like the idea behind this, but I also have some reservations.  I will first admit that I have not finished the book, nor do I have time to (I have to read about a hundred other books for school).

The reality is that we all have deep-seated issues within our hearts, and we need to talk about them and let them come out.  But Bell seems to put a lot of his trust into psychology.  I am a full proponent of pyschology, and I believe that psychologists have a major role to play within the church, but I want to get away from the idea that all things in our lives have some “excuse” for why they happened.  I agree that we probably all have issues that we need counseling for, but I DO NOT think that those ideas should allow us to look at ourselves and put labels to our problems.  All too often, these “labels” turn into excuses for the sin in our life.

We sin because we sin.  We sin because we choose to sin.

I know this is a simple thought, but in my continuing study of Bell and other pastors I want to remind people that sin is sin.  We have to acknowledge it as such and claim our responsibility in it and ask for the forgiveness of God.


2 thoughts on “Famous Pastors – Part 2

  1. hmm… (I literally said that to myself when I finished reading this post). You said “We sin because we sin. We sin because we choose to sin.” but do you think it’s so simple. Sin comes from lack of trust and lack of trust is birthed through dark circumstances. I think the reason many people are looking for “excuses” for sin is because they’re realizing that sin is truly pitiful… sin is a result of previous sin and thus we feel sorry for the sinner because we realize they’ve been sinned against. We need to let there be some wrath toward sin, it’s part of love, but we can’t let wrath be alone without love.

  2. I don’t think Bell is trying to give his readers an excuse to sin. I think he’s just trying to get people to look deeper into their lives and really think about their issues instead of just they’re independent, unrelated problems.

    You should try to finish that book. It’s really good… I may even prefer it to Velvet Elvis.

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