New Years Miracles

“No,” Barbara said.

“Oh my God!” Lourie says with tears streaming down her face. “That’s so great.”

It is not often that the word “no” brings tears to someone’s eyes, but every little step is important for Barbara. She had a stroke a few months ago and is slowly recovering from it. When I last saw her she could not talk and she could not move her arms. Now she is doing both.

There are always a bunch of families that get together for New Years in my church. We play card games.

“Stop looking at my cards,” Nicole says. “I know that you cheat!”

“I’m not a cheater,” I respond.

“Shut up. Yes you are.”

I try to look at her cards again, but she hides them from me. We are playing Phase 10.

In these moments I treasure everything. I just hope that next Barbara will have recovered enough to play cards with us.