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New Years Thoughts

“I don’t support the war,” I said.

I turned off the air conditioner again. I have this theory that we are in Iraq because of oil, and if America would just stop using so much oil we wouldn’t be so worried about the Middle East. I know that it sounds simplistic, but if everybody just stopped driving, started taking mass transit, and riding bikes or walking more often, I think we would be living in a much better world. But since my brother is driving, I figure we can at least turn off the AC to save some gas.

“I do support the war,” Brian retorted jokingly as he turned the air conditioner back on.

I turned it off again and rolled down the window. We were driving to Arby’s.

“Today in church they were talking about how we need to return to being a Christian nation,” I tell Brian. “It’s all so silly. I mean, we can’t force people to be Christians can we? If we have fallen away from our roots, how could we ever get back there?”

“Yeah,” Tommy says.

Tommy is my little brother, but he is taller than both Brian and I.

“And you know what else?” I ask. “I’m tried of singing songs in church like The Battle Belongs to the Lord. Why do we have to use war metaphors to talk about life. Why can’t we talk about peace? I just can’t support the war.”

“I was watching CNN the other day,” Tommy chimes in again. “They say that if we come home, they will come here. I think our soldiers should stay there so that they don’t come here.”

“Tommy!” I laugh. “I wish I could record you and everything you say. People would think you are so funny.”

“I know,” Tommy says with that Tommy grin on his face. “The police should just wiretap me, and put everything good I say in a book. I will be cooler than Janet Reno.”

“You watch CNN nowadays, Tommy?” I ask surprised. He is not the political type.


“What else is going on in the world?”

“Well,” he says. “That Bhutto chick from Pakistan died.”

“Yeah. That is going to be a big problem.”


“Because,” I say. “That is where the majority of the Muslim extremists live.”

“Oh,” he says. “Why don’t we just nuke them? Why don’t we just nuke everywhere except America?”

Late Merry Christmas and a happy new nuclear holocaust year.


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