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New Series on Famous Pastors

After reading about Rob Bell’s The Gods Aren’t Angry tour, I decided it was time for me to do a study on several famous pastors in America. There is good reason for doing this. I have been visiting a number of blogs that bash different famous pastors because they do not preach the “true” gospel. I already spend some time earlier talking about what I believe the gospel is and defending sites like Jesus Manifesto. I think that people have gotten so caught up in certain of their ideas being “true” or “right” that they have lost the most true and right ideas of all: that we can find truth in many of the famous pastors in America if we would only take off our critical lenses for one minute. I am going to take a lot of time to prepare for it, and I will make sure to do both a “positive” and “negative” view of all the pastors in the various categories.

On one side, I will look at Rob Bell and Brian McLaren’s views on salvation. Next I will look at Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer’s views on salvation and how to live the Christian life. Finally, we will look at Paul Washer and John MacArthur to see how they view salvation.  I have chosen two “emerging” pastors, two “prosperity” pastors, and two very conservative pastors.  I will also be continuing my thoughts on Christianity and politics.  Hopefully my readers will be able to sift through all of it.

May you have a blessed new year.


One thought on “New Series on Famous Pastors

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