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Christianity and Politics – Part 5 (..power cont..)

“According to my study,” said Karen. “George Washington studied his bible for an hour, and John Adams wrote that godliness was true way to be successful in the world.”

While Karen was talking a referendum that I had seen earlier at an EV Free Church in West Covina that called for an end to “bias” in teachings about homosexuality was being passed around.

This happened today in my home church in my hometown of Santa Maria. We watched a video in the “Christian heritage” of America. It was a one-sided view of history that showed how many of our founding fathers held Christian ideals. Apparently I cannot escape it.

During service as we sang The Battle Belongs to the Lord.

All of talk of politics and war make me wonder if the church knows what power really is. A guy named Doug–formerly a colonel in the army–used to be an associate pastor of our church. He would talk about winning the war for the Lord and how we were in a war with the enemy. I always through the true power was that Jesus Christ was the prince of peace and that his message of grace really was free and that we were called to live in a new kind of way where we do not fight the way the world fights.

But maybe I am just too much of an idealist.


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