Thoughts on Today

Today can never happen again.

“I sleep like this,” five year old Megan says showing us how she sprawls out on the floor and sticks out her tongue.

Megan smiles.

“She is a heavy sleeper,” her brother Cameron says. “One time I picked up up, banged her head on the way in from the car, and then put her into bed, and she never woke up once.”

Megan is Cameron’s sister, but not by blood. My aunt adopted Megan from Russia. I don’t think that Megan yet comprehends the grace that was bestowed on her. She has such a beautiful smile up in the mountains–red faced with a cold nose from the snow–but she is also such a heavy sleeper. But you can’t blame her. You can’t expect her to understand that a great and courageous world leader was killed today. You can’t expect her to understand the workings of the universe, and all the complexities of the middle-east streamed from a muted screen in ski-lodge in one of richest nations in the world.

“You’re weird,” says Cameron as Megan jumps on him.

Cameron is sitting on the couch, and Megan starts giggling like five-year old often do.

“How much do you weigh?” Cameron asks.

“I don’t weigh that much,” Megan says. “I’ve lost weight.”

I laugh silently as the sociological impact America has already had on her five-year old brain.

“You can’t be losing weight,” Cameron says. “Because you’re still growing. So how much do you weigh?”

“Um….five,” she says.

“You weigh five? Five whats?”

She doesn’t answer. She just keeps laughing. And I kept help but laugh at the worlds antithesis today.

Today can never happen again.


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