Should Christians be politically savvy?

Mark Van Steenwyk has written another great article on the debate between Christians and politics.  Van Steenwyk argues that many Christians equate “words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ mean the same thing in the Kingdom of God as they do in the declaration of independence.”  Alan Hartung, on his blog site, had also lamented that the salvation of a Christian is often called into question of they do not support certain American political practices like abortion.  Christianity and politics is often a difficult question, but Van Steenwyk put three important questions that I will attempt to answer in three separate posts entitled “Christianity and Politics.”  Here are the three questions:

1) How should the church bring about addressing issues like poverty? Abortion?

2) How should we engage in challenging those in powers to care about those things that Jesus cares about?

3) When is (or isn’t it) ok to make use of the American political system?


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