Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Recently I was reading Reformation Nation and was deeply disturbed that people who have NOT read the Harry Potter Books are STILL bashing the books as “evil.” First, all readers who have not read Harry Potter must understand that J.K. Rowling now openly admits in an article that many themes in her book ARE explicitly Christian. When I responded to the blog–asking mostly why he had not yet read the books–a man I only know as “pilgrim said this:

Do I need to be or own a slave before I can make the decision that slavery is wrong? Do I need to have or perform an abortion before I can acknowledge that it is evil? Do I need to read the Koran to fully understand that Islam is a false religion? Do I need to read Mein Kampf to completely understand that the Nazi’s were wrong? Do I need to watch a film filled with pornographic and gratuitous violence to be able to condemn it?

I am not trying to be a bother, but slavery was practiced by “Christians” for basically 1900 years, and they justified it by the Bible. Yes. I really do think you need to study slavery, especially the way it STILL exists in the modern world, and help find ways to end it. This includes NOT buying clothes from child labor and by trying to end prostitution rings just like Harriet Tubman did during our own years of slavery.

As far as your thoughts on abortion. Instead of fighting against abortion, why don’t you talk about adopting children in the world and helping to end the systematic injustices that screw up our world?

No. You don’t need to watch porn (comparing Potter to porn is non-sequitar by the way). But you do need to study which companies are profiting from porn (even indirectly) and stop buying from them. Get involved in the systematic injustices that make pornography possible.

As far as Islam is concerned, I WOULD recommend reading the Qu’ran or shutting up about it. I would not suggest talking about things you know nothing about.

I have never read Mein Kampf, but I hear that it is a hard read. Hitler was a bit crazy. I would, however, suggest we need to study World War II to find ways so that these things will not happen again.

Monica, on her blog, suggests that one should “make your decision where you stand on this issue according to your own conscience, and then do not judge anyone else for their decision according to their conscience.” I agree with her, and I think that mostly I am suggesting involvement in the world, and to have a general working knowledge of the subject before you denounce it.

This is a rant, but it is important for Christians to THINK about things before they speak. I find that this is becoming increasingly less hopeful in our modern world.

That’s all.


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