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Defending Jesus Manifesto – Part 4

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Now I want to clear a few things up in my final post defending Jesus Manifesto. I don’t know Mark personally. I don’t necessarily consider myself a full-fledged member of the emerging church. So why am I defending this site and it’s owner?

Apart from two articles that I’ve written for the site, I find the site extremely engaging because of its fresh look on Christianity. What other site can you find this as diverse as discussion on how anarchy and Christianity fit together? But the topic goes much deeper than the entertainment and intellectual value of the site.

I am tired of easy answers that people like Preston give to Christianity. I grew up in a church that talked about these easy answers. In fact, just this last week I heard my old home pastor, Steve Pruett, talking about these easy answers in his sermon The Perfect Gift. My pastor suggested that there hindrances to the gospel and one of them is thinking that we can live like Jesus, or that we have to do anything. I want a Christianity embodied in the ways that Mark and his church embody at Missio Dei (or perhaps God just put a soft spot in my heart for the poor of Camden).

It is more than just “differences of opinion” on “theological topics.” It is about whether we are going to live out this thing we call the gospel or just talk about it an intellectual idea of justification.

And this is not a small difference…


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