there is a low hum

in the si*lence

of a g ray

morn ing

where i find my mind

wandering s-low

to far off

is lands

uncharted by the mind


there is some free— dom

in the rou- tines***

and the ruts

we dig

for in them we find

monoto- *ny

pure bore… dom

though less

in a colored world


but I want to

break free

from the fees and

the ties that bind

us to the institutions

that blind us.

i want the world

to truly know

freedom as equality

not just a name of

an intangible truth but


like a dove in the sky

or a person who tried

to make a difference

in a world of indifference

i cannot help but think

we can break through



until all we

have left

is you


One thought on “

  1. So I rarely come across poetry I actually like. To put poetry out there is a very risky vunerable act so when I read a poem I make sure to find the best quality in it and compliment it, but in this case I really do like it. All of it, not just a portion or one quality. I really dig the way it’s written, the message, and your style. 😀 I’m glad you randomly found my blog — I seldom find people who write poetry anymore.

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