the trumpet player was from


the saxophone player from


and they played in the band

which was THE WORLD


the bass player  play from

                     puerto rico

with a drummer             from


and they played in a band

which spanned THE WORLD


but I couldn’t understand the rhythm

   i couldn’t find my soul

      so lost in democracy

         globalization seemed like anarchy

            the isolated idiots from illinois

               would not join the band

               which was the world

               content to watch the third world


               a tune of sorrow and joy

               which runs through all the rivers

               and all the towns

               where the band plays

                  their songs of juxtaposition


and i wish you could hear


because it is so hard to explain

to the western world

   with their headphones and windshields

      to listen to the humming of the bass

         from puerto rico


in the open fields


and the black hills


under blue skies


and a canopy of white



the trumpet player was not from


for he was a player in the band

which is the world

for i only hear the sound he makes

   which is beauty

      in the band

         that is the world




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