Last night we walked in Philadelphia for the fourth of July. 

“Man, it is really starting to rain,” I said.

“Yeah,” Chelsea chimed in as well.

As if God himself had heard me, the rain began falling down hard after that Wet and sloppy we made our way down towards the fireworks.  We tried to find a starbucks to duck into out of the rain, but they had all closed early after the rain.

While we were walking I caught a conversation between Nina and Tony. 

Tony grew up in Camden. 

 “I didn’t grow up in no religious family,” Tony told Nina.  “Church for me was sitting on the porch with my boys just talking about God.”

Nina listened intently. 

“I tried to find churches while I was going to college at Eastern.  I went to everything.  I went to straight-up Baptist churches and then pentecostal churches.  I tried everything.  But, I don’t know,” Tony paused.

“You just ain’t found one that’s right for you,” Nina interrupted.

“Yeah,” Tony said.  “You know, this one time.  My brother Albert and I, we’s sitting on the porch and he says, ‘I don’t believe in God.'”

“Really?” Nina said.

“Yeah, straight up, he was like, ‘There ain’t no God, and their ain’t no devil.  They just wicked people tryin’ to use the devil as an excuse for their evil actions.  And their ain’t no God, or places like Camden just wouldn’t exist.'”

I always appreciate honesty.  I appreciate people who don’t try to hold the world in their hands like they own it.  I like people who say how they feel, even if the feeling means they are uncomfortable with their surroundings.

“But, you know,” Tony went on.  “As we was sittin’ there in the rain, and Albert was cursing God, the rain stopped.  This ain’t no joke.  The rain stopped, and a rainbow came out in the sky.  And I pointed it out to Albert, and Albert just sat there staring.  You know, it’s the promise.  That story.  You know…”

“Yeah.  Noah’s ark,” I said.

“Yeah, Noah,” Tony responded.  “It’s the promise, and Albert never said anything like that again.”


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