Last night Nick and I talked about serious things.

We talked about struggles and life.  We talked about hope in the midst of despair.  We talked about goal setting.  We talked about life, and how different it often is from the goals we set.

What I am noticing is that things in Camden are easier.  I don’t have to worry about a computer or how much money I have.

“Everything that we need here is so close,” Chelsea said as we walked toward our ministry site today.

“I feel like I am sticking it to the man,” I told Chelsea.  “I’m not driving at all this summer.”

Or maybe it was John Mayer who said it right.

Sometimes twice as much, ain’t twice as good.  And can’t sustain like one-half can.

Sometimes I feel like I am living in a dorm again.  Fifteen people in one house where both boys and girls share a bathroom in a old three-story New Jersey home.  I still haven’t got over the fact that all the houses out here have basements, or that there are random thunderstorms.  I think every place has its own erratic behaviors, and I am just getting used to the ones that didn’t happen in California.

When I used to work at In-n-Out they would never stockpile, they would actually try to run out of things just in time for the next delivery truck coming in the next day.

“Too many of us stockpile,” I told someone once.


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