I was walking the streets of Camden. 

We left the comforts of the air conditioned Urban Promise unit to see the dusk skies of New Jersey.  It is an interesting world.

 “I hear the price for drinks is half price at the local grocery store over 7-eleven,” says Mary. 

 Mary is British. 

 Hugh is also British.

 “One of the directors took me on a tour of Camden.  In areas of North Camden there is a curfew, they have to be inside by nine,” Hugh looked around and smelled the air.

 “Really?” Mary exclaimed.  “That’s like a prision.” 

“Yeah,” I chimed in.

 Like a prision.  It hurts me to think about it.

“What do you think people do here on a Friday night?” Mary asked.  “Do they just sit on their porches all evening?”

Growing up in the suburbs of California people do not sit on stoops.  First, because they do not have them.  Second, because they have better things to do like play video games.  Third, because it is just not fashionable. 

 People in Camden have time to sit on stoops.


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