The light bulb in the common room is burnt out, so I write in the grey morning with closed drapes designed to keep in the cold mornings and keep out the warm afternoon.  This old house will be a boiling stuffed up sauna by the afternoon. 

 I think I feel in love too quickly,  Some say it is a bad thing and others do not.  Her name is Camden, New Jersey.  Just a small town people pass through, and is considered one of the poorest in the country.  I think I like her happiness in the midst of brokenness, and her freedom in the midst of oppression.  I find it quite sexy. 

But I also feel a great sense of loss.  I cannot give her what she needs.  All I can do is throw myself at her-giving myself.  Every morning I awake broken by a new day.  Last night I saw a resturaunt called The Garden of Eden.  It gave me hope in the midst of despair. 


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