The Kingdom of God

Wes recently wrote a blog on the “difficulty in the terminology” for the “Kingdom of God.” The difficulty for him is the “dichotomy between what God’s Kingdom is and what it is not.” To Wes the “reality” is that “this world, all we see and don’t see, belongs to God and is under His rule.”  It is refreshing to read this blog in a world that tries to set boundaries and legalistic rules over every area of our life.  Parts of Wes’ post are unclear, but his main thesis that the movement of the Spirit is one where “the warm embrace of a kingdom” brings “all things within the reign of God.”


I’m not sure if this blog agrees or disagrees with Wes.  The task of this thought is the application of such a truth in today’s world.  Wes argues that “our task is not to decide what is and isn’t of the Kingdom. Ours is the task of bringing all things under the reign of God. This spans through, culture, through our political agendas, through how we care for the environment, and through how we deal the lady at the checkout counter. We have an all-encompassing mission.”  How exactly do we bring Christ into culture and political agendas?  How do we bring the kingdom of God to earth in all these different ways?


The simplest message of the kingdom of God is for all to repent.  This word has become a nightmare because it has so many connotations in the modern evangelical church such that it would be wise for us to inscribe our own definition here.  Repentance is a turning from selfishness that we ourselves are the center of the universe, and entering into the reign of God. The reign of God is simply this, “The kingdom of God is near.”  We must continue our thoughts on the reign of God but first I must digress for a moment back to Wes’ thoughts.


Here I must disagree slightly with Wes’ thoughts.  There are two kingdoms in this world.  There really is on this earth a “dominion of darkness” that is real.[1]  To say that there is only one kingdom diminishes the reality of this dominion.  The kingdom of darkness does not diminish the kingdom of light but the kingdom of light has not yet won the battle over the kingdom of darkness.  Christ has defeated death and has brought about a call to repentance but all men must respond to that call before the dominion of darkness is done away with.


I am currently working on my own definition of the kingdom of God based on scripture and tradition within the church.  There will hopefully be a part two to this discussion once I have finished this.    

[1] Colossians 1:13

Wes’ blog is originally found here:



One thought on “The Kingdom of God

  1. I think our thoughts harmonize quite well. We seem to agree in most places and even where we don’t agree it’s because we are taking slightly different approaches. Christs Kingdom is all encompassing, yes there is a second kingdom (as portryed in revelation; the kingdom of “the beast”). But I would say that the second kingdom has no substence therefore we cannot create a dichotomy of sunstance. The only reason there is this “second kngdom” is because we have yet to embrace it and bring heaven to it. We are to re-discover ti good that was there in first creation.

    we’re both wrestling with this and one thing is for sure. We can’t give up on anything and we can’t create a distinction between “secular” and “spiritual.”


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