Words from the Wise

These are words from a man I respect very much.  Read them and perhaps they will help you as they have helped me:

“Life is so stinkin’ confusing, you know?  I’m 34 years old and there’s a few things I know without a doubt deeper and clearer than I ever have before.  I know that my dad, my God, is deeply and passionately and intimately in love with me.  And the understanding of that roughly about 12-13 years ago has completely changed who I am.  I know when he talks and what I’m supposed do with that, and yet the vast majority of life at the age of 34 is even more unclear than it was, I think, at the age of two.  And have you found that?  What is it I’m really supposed to do?  Where is it we’re really supposed to go?  What is it we’re really supposed to be about?  Depending on what chapel you go to and what class you decide to go to everyone has their own opinion.  All opinions are a little bit different.  And even among evangelical Christianity opinions differ greatly and even contradict.  And maybe it’s as easy as Sunday School…


And maybe it goes back to some of those first songs and first stories.  Thy word is a light unto my feet and a light unto my path.  Is it that simple?  A lamp unto my feet, so I see what I’m struggling with now and the things that cause me stumble and the things that I bump my toe on.  Your word keeps me from doing that and lets me walk on smoother even ground.  It’s also a light unto my feet so I have an idea of where I’m going and what I’m about.  Selah’s favorite book and favorite veggie tale all has to do with a guy in the belly of a whale…


It is a difficult time in life…And today maybe some clarity.  Because I admit I feel most of the time I lay down on the grass most of the time with God and he say’s Chris do you see it, and I say no.  But it’s right there.  And what do you do in your life when you don’t have clouds to make out but everything’s gray or just dark…It’s been a long time since we’ve laid in the grass and felt dad’s arm around us and him gently saying, “Close, but I’ll get you there.”      

-Chris Brown, Azusa Pacific University 2004


2 thoughts on “Words from the Wise

  1. Oh, how simple it sounds and how dificult it remains!

    Intellectually I can say “yeah, that’s it…” but when it actually comes to life it’s never so simple. God’s voice will sometimes ring as clear as a bell but the next moment it’s like your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and you’re left scratching your head saying “what now?”

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