Why is it that we are forced to take art classes and health classes?  This summer has been another fun-filled adventure of summer school and a workaholic parade.  Working has been fun and the rushes during our busiest hours of the day are always exhilarating.  I become rather angry with my health class.  Were not two health classes about the dangers of sexual intercourse and the deadly side effects of drinking (which include, by the way, cirrhosis of the liver)?  Art is not such a bad subject but the teacher spends the whole class doing a presentation from powerpoint with little to no interaction with us.  I need some interaction because art is not meant to be taught, art is meant to be experienced.  Needless to say I’m restless and wish I wish down in San Diego with my roommates.  The end.  


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  1. I feel for you, man. But that’s what a “Liberal Arts” education is about… taking a bunch of classes that have nothing to do with your major.

    I’m still bitter at the head of the modern languages department. I took French III at Citrus College and got an A. Then… he tells me the requirement is 8 units and so even though I got an A in a higher level of French than APU offers, I have to either clep out of it or take another semester… another semester at a lower level!

    The worst part was he was a spanish teacher and waved others with similar circumstances if he could test them himself in a little Spanish…

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