Thoughts on Homosexuality

After reading Mike’s blog and thoughts from McLaren and Driscoll on homosexuality I really resounded with one of the responses from Derek Frenzel:

“The Pharisees spoke of the people Christ hung out with as “sinners.” Were they right? Of course, Jesus did hang out with sinners and he even addressed their sin from time to time. However, the Pharisees saw these people as sinners first and then by however else you would classify them. Why? Well, aside from being self-righteous, they probably didn’t want to take the time to get to know any of the “sinners.” It’s much harder to actually take part in someone’s life than lob statements at them from a mile away. For some (or at least maybe the more vocal ones in the media), not much has changed. And ironically, it’s the exact same thing that the world does with us. The world relegates Christians to t-shirts, protest signs, being judgemental and hypocritical, and what’s on TBN. We are viewed as a movement, a voting bloc, boycotters, fundies, and dumb, but definitely not individuals – and we complain how we are so persecuted and God is under attack in our nation, etc., while all the while we do the same to homosexuals. We view them as a block, or even “sinners” but definitely not as individuals. Now, there are definitely reasons for this (with the way gay rights groups are), but it doesn’t mean it’s right. Individuals have names, they have preferences, favorite music, thoughts, personalities, dreams, families, and character. How many Christians actually know a gay person? Next questions is how many Christians know anything about that person’s life? So let me get this straight, we want them to know all about our lives, beliefs, values, and don’t care to hear about theirs? THIS is what needs to change with the “Church” today. We know the Truth, it’s not going to change in five years. We won’t be able to dance around it, or package it up all nice- it will still “anguish” us. What we need to do is reevaluate our sense of Grace on an individual level. And not just simply by being nice to “sinners” and “gay people”. We need to take part in their lives as people. Become friends, not just acquaintences. Let them see the good work that we preach, fleshed out in our lives.”


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Homosexuality

  1. wow, interesting stuff. that reminds me of a quote by John Frye in his book “Jesus the Pastor.” He was meeting regularly with a homosexual who attended his church to discuss and cousel. He wrote:

    “I tried to remember that I was not meeting with a homosexual. I was meeting with a person who struggled with homosexuality.”

  2. hmm…I dont usually read religious blogs but I like the way you wrote this entry. Individuals do have names and preferences just as you stated. And you are right, “Christians” are seen negatively. People dont even want to use the word religion anymore. They’d rather say they are spiritual because religion is linked to hypocrisy. Not all religion is hypocritical but in order to show oneself as a sinner who knows they are a sinner and not above anyone else they describe themselves as spiritual.

    It is very hard to see any good in religion (Christianity specifically before other religions) when you see protesters at a funeral telling the surviving family members that their dead loved one has gone to hell for someone else’s sin. As I understand it, we’re responsible for our sins and not those of our brother. I think those people also forget that all sins but one are equal. Lying, hatred, murder, theft, it’s all equal because the punishment is the same. There is only one sin that is unforgivable and that stands out above the rest and that’s blasphemy. They have forgotten that tiny detail when they condemn. They also have forgotten that their acts in front of TV cameras and the world shed such horrible light on God and make people run from churches not to them. They do nothing but hurt the chance of others but in their own wrongdoing they can not see this. It is never right nor compassionate nor Godly to go to a funeral and scream that God has killed their son or daughter and they are going to a place called hell because of a sin they themselves did not commit. These people push others away not draw them in. They certainly behave with today’s version of Christianity but not the Biblical example of love and compassion. Do I agree with any war at all, no, but what those “Christians” are doing isn’t right either.

    I was hesitant to read or leave a comment because I was unsure of your age. I stay clear of blogs written by people under the age of 18. I’m not sure how old you are. I’m hoping I haven’t broken one of my own rules/standards. Nice entry though.


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