The Jews seemed so much more free to challenge God.  Why do you think this is so?


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  1. I’ll take a shot at your question.

    I think the Jews of the Bible embraced their identity as God’s people. It was completely enmeshed with their individual and communal identity. Their understanding of God’s love for them and the special relationship they enjoyed with God gave them an elevated view of humanity.

    In evangelical culture, humanity is degraded for fear of stealing God’s glory. This low view of humanity paired with a view of God as Punisher (the reason you should be saved is to avoid hell) makes those in the culture feel as though they cannot challenge God.

    While I would not make a practice of challenging God, I think God honors honest struggling in our relationships with Him.

  2. Good thoughts, Alan. I’ve been reading the psalms lately for a Hartley class and they have been challenging me in a multitude of ways. One of those ways is how open the people were in challenging God.


  3. I don’t think they’re groundless. There is many instances where people have been reprimanded for lack of faith. However, I would agree that perhaps it is not so out of bounds as to be illegimate.

  4. The Jews of the Bible didn’t actually challenge God, they simply fell short and questioned him instead of trusting that he knew best. People of today, Jews and Gentiles seem to think challenging God or any authority at all is a good thing. Why would someone challenge God when he so very much knows what is best and knows how we think and why we think this way or that way? He’s the one we can always trust so why challenge that? Challenging imperfect humans is one thing but asking God why he should be allowed to do this or that and not us is simply disrespectful and unappreciative of all that he has given us.

    challenge 1.. The Boreans (spelling) checked and rechecked the scriptures even when they were speaking to the Apostles. They wanted to know what they were being told was right. It wasn’t a challenge to the Apostles but a dedication to truth.

    challenge 2.. When Cane had the nerve to say to God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” That is a disrespectful challenge that he lost. As a matter of fact, God might and I speculate here, but he might have been giving him a chance to come clean. But nope, the haughty Cane had to be a smart butt and harden his heart and speak disrespectfully. He lost that challenge.


    Ps. My favorite subject is Bible History. Also, the Jews forfeited their right as God’s chosen people as shown in the book of Matthew 23:38. “Look your house is abandoned to you.” …you know, the whole stoning prophets thing and all that…that’s why Gentiles like myself have a chance to be within God’s grace.
    sorry for another long comment.

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