My thoughts as of Late

Lately I’ve been thinking about changing the world. A lot of my roommates have been hounding me for the amount of time I’ve been spending on ebay. I think now would be a good a time as any (as my account is currently suspended) to talk about this. I’ve been thinking for quite some time now that I’m tired of “Best Buy” and especially “Wal Mart” running the world we live in. People stand in lines for ten hours the day after Thanksgiving because the corporate world has the power to make people line up. I thought by starting my own business online I might do my part in giving people the best possible service at the lowest price. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that honest business is hard work.

I’ve been kicked off of ebay for “abusing” it. I’m still not sure why they’ve done it. For now I’ve switched to using Amazon. Hopefully they will treat me better than ebay did. I’m still working on my exegesis of John. It has taken a backseat to the new school year. Hopefully something will arise soon.


2 thoughts on “My thoughts as of Late

  1. I’m sorry things on ebay didn’t work out. It seems thatto do any kind of honest business you need to be willing to lose some money and you have to already have a significant ammount of it. That’s unfortunate because not enough honest people have money… and the reason they don’t have it is because it’s all going to the dishonest people with big businesses. sad… but true.

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