The Shield

The Shield- Season Four

I just finished watching season four of The Shield on FX network.  I bought the DVD’s with my Christmas money from Best Buy.  The majority of the season was dedicated to dealing with the issue of a drug forfeiture program that would confiscate houses, cars, or anything else paid for in drug money.  A third of it would go back into the community, a third of it would go to crime fighting and another third would go to the City council.  It is a question of major proportions for me because the drug problem here and abroad is not something the church itself often wants to deal with. 


The reason that I like The Shield so much is that it makes the audience themselves decide what is right and wrong.  It provides a number of ways in which to view the world, but it calls each person to decide which decision is best.  The question that has been left in my own heart is this: What can Christians do with the drug problem running rampant in many countries today?  How much grace do we show and when should we be tough on crime?  Is it okay to let drug dealers go free if they sell out the people above them? 


One of the main questions of this particular series is redemption.  This show moves around from the main character, the hard hitting Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) killing one of the men on his team for double crossing him in the first season to being the man who brings the redemption of his partner Shane Vendrell (Walter Goggins) in the fourth season.  While many may not see Vic as a man who has been redeemed (he is still very hard hitting, and his tactics are brutal at the least) I see this show as a man who is learning what is really valuable in the world. 


All of these questions aside, I can’t wait for the next season of The Shield to start.  Until then I can only recommend that you buy season one, it will hook you in right away. 


One thought on “The Shield- Season Four

  1. I love the shield, although I always hope it is for the right reasons – there is obviously something exciting about the way the strike team operate, but I appreciate the “regular” policework carried out by Dutch and Cassidy which keeps the series familiar.

    I recently watched the whole 1st series back to back (good ol’channel 5) and the last episode (the last they showed anyway) shows Vic Mackey busting Juliens boyfriend on an open warrant, which is very interesting, especially after his previous chat with Shane about loving his son more because of his autism, and how he isn’t going to give up on his son or his friend shane (who really deserves it!). He then does something entirely above board and legal in order to redeem the situation. I think there are a lot more similarities between Vic and God than most people would dare mention (I don’t mean the corruption, brutal stuff necesserily!)

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