This Christmas has been good so far.  Just spend the last two days down south in Pomona visiting family.  It was fun seeing cousins and opening presents.  I got to watch “The Longest Yard” and think a lot about the debates I’ve been having lately with Brad from about the book of John.  I went to church tonight and now (at this very moment) am in the car on the way home to Santa Maria.  I’m going to spend a few more weeks up there, end the trip by going to Disneyland on the sixth of January and then start up the spring semester down at Azusa. 


The Christmas Eve service tonight was interesting.  The music was beautiful (for a Baptist church) and I think even my Pentecostal girlfriend would have appreciated it.  Pastor Glenn spoke on the four R’s of “Oh Come all Ye Hopeful.”  He basically gave a gospel message amid a flurry of reflections on Christmas and creation.  He recommended a book called “Case for Creator” for those who doubted the idea of creator (and managed to integrate a comment about the court ruling not too long ago about creationism in the classroom).  I’m sorry but I’m sick of Lee Strobel books as the “final word” on creationism and evolution, the case for faith and the case for Christ.


I have a feeling the book is more apologetics than actual facts.  If someone really wants to understand evolution they should read books that have already been written by the experts themselves, on both sides of the fence.  What people would be reading is written through the eyes of a committed evangelical and, whether he wants to or not, he is tainting the evidence to tip his sides of the scales (i.e. the problem of bias).  I just think that if Pastor Glenn was committed to the cause of “truth” he would allow both sides to be explored in the church. 


This may sound funny or misguided, but perhaps the church should be funding someone of academic integrity and who is known scholar to write “Case against a Creator.”  Perhaps we should let people read both of these “cases” and decide for themselves which is better.  Or is this just the idealistic college student within me talking?  I just think the academic world should be given a chance within the walls of the church and that truth should not be limited to what was truth 50 years ago.  We need to constantly be one the edge of culture and other such things in order to penetrate that culture. 


I just feel lately as though the church dismisses much of academia as unnecessary or “of this world.”  In reality, I think that Christians should be the ones supporting the schools more than others.  Christians should be helping their children get the most out of their education. 


5 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. good post. I agree with your comment that the church has done a poor job of sharing academic works by thoughtful professionals in almost all fields, particularly creationism and intelligent design. One such book that I recommend is Michael Behe’s “Darwins Black Box”. It raises provocative questions that aren’t easily dismissed.

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