Book of John · Gospel

Doing Life Together

Hi.  I just wanted to let those people who read my blog know that it was never my intention to get into a fist fight over the book of John with Brad (see the other posts for more information).  My intention has always and will always be to dialogue with others about the Christian faith.  I purposely left my last blog post open ended in order to bring about dialogue about it.  Life is about more than finding “right answers” and then defending them.  Life is about learning to understand and approach things from multiple points of view.  So here’s the deal, I’m going to spend the next two to three weeks attempting to understand John 3 and 4 in context of the rest of the book of John.  I will post it when I think I’m finished.  Please pray that the Spirit of God would move as I attempt to undertake such a hefty load of work.  Thank you.


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