Thoughts on John 14

I was recently reading a post on the “Soverignty of God” and asked a question about Ghandhi.  The debaate moved to John 14.  If you want to see the full version visit here.  The question became boiled down to the two extremes of the gospel: either you believe it or you don’t.  I don’t think that Jesus meant it in this way and if he did, he meant it in a way far different than this person was talking about in his blog.

The text quoted here was that “no one can come to the Father” but through Jesus.  Reading this in context of the rest of John 14 we find that Jesus is emphasizing the community of the Trinity.  That is, that the Father lives in the Son and the Son lives in the Father.  In this sense, we find that Jesus is using this passage to let his readers know that Jesus and God are connected, united by a love that w do not yet understand.

Jesus later explicity states that what he wants them to “believe on” is that he is in the Father and the Father is in him.  This is to say that the entirety of God was incarnated in human form to the world today through Jesus and yet, he was fully indwelling and living within the reality of the father.  I is in this reality that we are called to live.  We are called to be sons and daughers of God living fully in a reality that says God totally and fully indwells himself in me, empowering me to be the type of person that Christ wants me to be, fully dwelling in the kingdom of God with Christ sitting on the throne of David.

The passage goes on to explain the centrality of Jesus’ teachings: obey my commands!  From what I can tell, Ghandhi obeyed Jesus’ commands to turn the other cheek, to provide oppressed people with a way out and to find ways to bring “heaven to earth.”  I don’t know how Jesus is going to “judge” but I think that Ghandhi provides a good template for those who want to live as Kingdom people


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